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Long Term Rental - Operational Leasing

Long-term rental operational leasing

For the growing companies we have long-term rental services and operational leasing. Below we show you the advantages of renting for a long term:

  1. Monthly payment for your car is an expense you can add to your accounting department.
  2. All the maintenance costs, repairing, changing and storage of the anvelopes, RCA and CASCO inssurance are supported by us.
  3. Is no need for you to pay in advance for the rent of the car - like at financial leasing.
  4. In case the car breaks down, according to the contract, you will get another car without paying extra.
  5. Rent of the car is fixed for all rental period.
  6. All car regular inspections and car maintenance are made in time, according to the service book.
  7. For any other details or price offered for long term rental please contact us

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