Below are the most common questions from our clients. If you have any questions please call the Customer Support service available reliable non-stop online and by phone. An operator will settle your questions and requirements in the shortest time.

To rent a car from Airport Rent a Car you need two identification documents: passport or ID and driving license. International Driving License is mandatory for those driver licenses that are not in Latin Alphabet or are issued in United States of America or Canada. Copies of documents or photos will be sent via e-mail or will be made upon delivery of the car. Also you need the original documents at the end of the lease.

If an accident occurs and you are injured call immediately 112 emergency number. If something wrong happens with the car please call WLC RENT Customer Support service and keep your patience. Our team will solve the problem as soon as possible.

You may pick-up and drop-off the car at our designated locations on the map. If you choose other locations an extra fee will be charged. For more information please call or e-mail our Customer Support service.

To extend your rental period please call or e-mail your booking agent or contact our 24/7 Customer Support service, minimum 24 hours previous to the original drop off date.

The quickest way to cancel your booking is by sending an e-mail to our customer support service.

The price shown is the final price you will pay(VAT included) for the rented car. The price includes unlimited number of miles, third party liability, road taxes, 24/7 Assistance, free car replacement.

According to our rental contract you may add up to 2 additional drivers for free. If you choose to add additional drivers, we require copies(or photos) of the driver’s licenses and passports(or ID) of all drivers on rental agreement.

A rental day represents 24 hours. If the return time is exceeded by 2 hours no charge shall be applied. When the return time is exceeded by 4 hours or longer 1 extra rental day will be charged.

If you wish to travel outside the country please specify this on the booking message or in any conversation with your booking agent. We need to provide you empowerment necesarry for leaving the country with our rental cars.

The Security Deposit is a guarantee for the car rented. The amount of money to pay varies from 200EUR to 1000EUR depending on the car model. The guarantee deposit will be hold against a credit card when the car is delivered and will be refunded at the end of the rental period. Part or all the security deposit will be held depending on the damage of the car and only if the one responsible for the accident is you.